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New Account here

2011-12-20 11:27:18 by Walkingpalmtree

I need a new start anyways :\

Clodiuth-Matrix on dA

2011-03-17 04:53:14 by Walkingpalmtree

In case anyone wonders why I now have Clodiuth Matrix on my pictures.
I switched accounts on dA.
Got sick of my old gallery and wanted to start fresh.
Seeing as I didn't want to go through over 1000 pictures I just made a new account.


2011-01-30 13:11:56 by Walkingpalmtree

But I don't have really anything to talk about
I officially hate scripting things. A bigger pain in the ass since laying out a webpage.
Shiiit all I want is a visual novel. I'M NOT ASKING FOR MUCH FLASH!

School is good.

2010-08-28 06:17:13 by Walkingpalmtree

It really is. I finally got into digital art today. See my Art I teacher is also the digital art teacher. I told her I have done digital art for 3 years (2 years of being online. I used to draw in paint the year before.) and she said bring some of my drawings. Problem is I old had my year old art. I can't print the newer stuff because I'm broke and I can't buy ink, BUT she said I was really good. (lolwhut? IT'S OLD AND MOST OF IT WAS TRAAASH) I kind of cheated my way in there. How? You have to pass Art I...yes both semesters not just one. She just popped me in there. AFTER ALL THESE YEARS I'M IN THERE! I also asked her what we exactly do in the class. Pretty much what I already do. This will be the easiest class EVER. Also I was wondering is anyone interested about comics on here? I haven't seen many (or maybe I'm just blind) so I was wondering if it was cool. I'm working on my first comic finally, "Fondue Wormhole."
And yeah...that's it. ALSO my boyfriend is going to college. GOOD LUCK HUN!

Anyone else feel that this summer sucked?
I found a boy friend and that is literally ALL I did.
Everything else was just mope around and be bored
And have a spider crawl down my shirt.
So yeah...Whose summer also sucked?

What should I scribble

2010-08-02 01:59:37 by Walkingpalmtree

I have MSpaint open...I feel like scribbling. What should I scribble?


2010-07-31 07:13:46 by Walkingpalmtree

Don't be a thorn in my foot! WORK DAMMIT!

Long time no post

2010-07-26 19:16:26 by Walkingpalmtree

So yeah I'm now 16. That was 18 days ago.
I gotta get on the ball.
OH and school is starting up again. Know what that means? MORE ARTWORK! Yes during the summer I draw but not like i do in school. It gives me the extra nudge to go work on stuff.

My birthday is coming on the 8th of July. I'll be 16 AWESOME I HAVE TO FIND A JOB! (no seriously I have to. I'm getting to that age where I must now buy my own stuff completely on my own.)
So yeah...Also while waiting for my last voice for the first part of this OCT I'm thinking of doing a dating sim for silly fun. I need to practice my scripting skills anyway xD I gotta find that damn preloader around here!

Coheed and Cambria HURR! Okay so I got art coming up and thank goodness it's mostly simple. Why? Cause they're made of basic 3D shaps (IE cone, sphere, cube, etc.)