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You're insane!

You animated this thing in pencil!? Wow...Holy crap I don't think I'd ever do that. This is just awesome that's all I can say c:.

Hey this is pretty cool

I like the original sprite mostly. It's awfully short though...

No good

It's no flash...it's just a video. Anywho I guess I can't just say that so I'll see if I can help...a little
1. The quality is horrible ._. their are lines when you move.
2. If you have to go really bad what do you do? You run and do a potty dance.
3. Not really funny...If you had funny faces and were running it would be a bit funny though!

And those our my thoughts...hoped I helped a little. You might just wanna keep the vids on youtube.

Trumpeteerlad responds:

It was for film and it had to be at least 2 min, so I told my actor run "slower"

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I love it

The controls on my computer are constantly fucking up (I don't know why they just do) SOOO playing it was a lil hard. Still was amazing though!

Good game

Pity I can't play it for long right now. From what I saw it's a lot like Myst. Maybe not as obscure but it's almost just as awesome. I love how everything is in black and white and yet it still draws you in.

Bugs galore

Uhh...I can't beat the game? I have the money I jsut can't seem to do anything after that.
The game play is pretty boring I'm sorry.
The music is pretty bad ass though.
was going to give you a 5, but 6 just because I have a soft spot for robots.

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I so might use this :D

It's so weird...Kinda gives me the chills. LOVELY!

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Not bad...not bad

Can't put my finger on what would give it that extra push to make it awesome though :\


The eyes are kind of...not so sharp looking. Cell shaded in other words.

Onimaruchan responds:

I did that on purpose.

Needs a lot of work

Firstly it's "Angry face" not "angry faic" (everyone learned how to spell that word when we were 5 I'm sure you have some knowledge in your brain). Second that mouth is really sketchy. Use the curved line tool next time cause that's what it's there for. The eye brow needs to be lower! All in all you probably shouldn't post...unless you want more painful reviews. If this comment pissed you off then you need to saddle up cause criticism is very good for you believe it or not.

I'm a teen that loves to draw and hopes to make many comics in the future. I use GIMP, because I'm just as broke as any other teen.

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