2009-09-09 04:41:23 by Walkingpalmtree

I bet your like "Ahah...AHAHAHAHA YOU MAKING A FLASH?! Oh that's rich you really can't script to well"...well some might not know my past in flash making >.> <.< shhhh. But this point and click game I'm working on is a tad creepy. So heres the basics

left arrow-look left
right arrow-look right
up arrow-look up
down arrow-look down (YOU HAVE NO CLUE HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO TRY THIS XDDD It's so stupidly easy as well)
Left click-look at something/open something ie doors (you can't pick things up sadly cause I don't know how to make an inverntor yet)
Right click-take a picture (oh I love this feature cause of all the creepy things you can do with it!)

Character: You play as a female journalist (yes FEMALE...should be male but I always thought of it as a more girly thing.) your here to investigate this house for a story for halloween (cause halloween is JUST AROUND THE CORNER SWEETIES!). Cliche story and you get locked in...The keys ARE in the house (believe it or not but the lock is reversed :D you can lock someone in)

Small note: There is a small gap for another story to spawn from this one if I finish it...Would you be interested? Also yes the thing does have music,voices (my voice sadly D:), and the weird ambience which loops.

Man this is going to fail...WATCH ME FAIL!


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2009-09-17 06:41:35

i think it is actually gonna be good!
I mean, you already have a whole hell of a lot of fans from your art...
like... from the info you gave us, i think it would at least be above 3.00....
sooo, ya! XD

Walkingpalmtree responds:



2009-09-19 06:08:31

Never knew you were on here, I have an account here just to keep track of favorites. I happen to like point and clicks (hence my user name and profile images, this is that M Conrad III guy who sent you a draft and isn't sure if you've read it), so I guess I'll check this out.


2009-09-19 06:44:54

nice art, waz up ?

Walkingpalmtree responds:

Nothing much and THANKS :>


2009-09-19 14:29:13

Oh hai I seem to have found you here on the grounds that are new. :DDD Also, HDJHKFGHJ. I would like to see some Flash from you.

Walkingpalmtree responds:

:) lot's of people would


2009-09-19 14:30:08

...That comment was NOT meant to rhyme, by the way. Ohgod. Uh.

...SKLENT AWAY! *Spams Twitter*

Walkingpalmtree responds:

OH HI SKLENT! I didn't reconize you for a bit...DUDE if we find voice actors that model 48 is still on the board...or easier yet Fondue wormhole (CAUSE THEY ARE SO EASY TO DRAW!)