I forgot to say I'm back in school XD

2009-09-04 00:47:13 by Walkingpalmtree

Durr hurr. Yes I'm only 15...duh I have to go to school and so far I'm enjoying it. The art tach thinks I might have some capability in actually doing a comic or such. So heres the skinny.

#1 gotta see if our school has a late bus
#2 gotta ask teacher if I can have art AFTER school
#3 gotta oganize portfolio (yes that's how you prove yourself at our school -_- kinda like college)

okay and that's it. Also I've been practicing SMALL ITSY BITSY ANIMATIONS! I learned a bit...like the onion layer thing BOY THAT STUFF IS HELPFUL! Well whatever...thanks for listening/reading and I'm still alive don't worry.

PS. Migt make a point and click game cause I finally learned how to script the buggers...now I just need a story ;)

ALSO ELISE HAS BEEN GETTIN FANART! So I decided to post one(seeing as the other ones I love are png TT_TT well it's very good none of the less. Thanks A-ro)

I forgot to say I'm back in school XD


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